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In today’s news: Arsenal. Are they the best team in the Premier League this season? We certainly think they have a strong case.

The game over the weekend broke open in the 3rd minute of injury time, when there was an Everton break. The visitors poured forward to try to break the equaliser though, but the ball went out for a thrown in. This was the most important moment of the game. Despite the fact that Arsenal had the biggest part of the possession and had always great chances to end the game the right way (and finally breathe a sigh of relief), it wasn’t until the final whistle was blown when everybody relaxed.

Everton did not have to face Bayern Munich in midweek – and it was clear that by the last 20 minutes everybody was tired. It took fantastic defending by Gabriel, great saves by Petr Cech that finally made the difference.

To be fair, Arsenal did not play all that well either. Giroud’s opening goal was fantastic, flicking in a header beyond Tim Howard for a 1-0 lead. This was his 6th goal of the season, for someone with fine form it was awesome to see. There was barely time and it’s really still too early to say that these are the things that Arsenal could have dropped points in, but this time they clung on and managed to eke out a fabulous victory.

Mesut Ozil was also in fantastic form – curling assists and crosses in from left to right. There was barely time to celebrate Giroud’s goal, when yet another one was scored. This time it came from Cazorla taking a free kick outside the box, when Koscielny knocked yet another one in incredible fashion. This latest trend of Arsenal scoring, then scoring very quickly after is incredibly enjoyable to watch.

I don’t think anybody would argue that Arsenal deserved the 3 points here today. If there is anything that might win the championship for the team this season, it’s the effort that went into the entire thing.

Next up, we’ll shift our attention to the NBA, and the upcoming 2015-16 season. Stay tuned!

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