The innovative technology of Live Streaming TV


The technology behind streaming media has brought tremendous change in the world of television. The way every activity, especially sporting events was displayed to the end user has changed now. One has the option to get live coverage even through their laptops and record the game. The new technology has witnessed greater bandwidth, increased network access, commercialization of internet and use of some standard protocols like TCP/IP.

It is important for the end user to have all the facilities required to get proper streaming done. It depends on both the service provider as well as the tools used by the end user. For example if the radio broadcast is of good quality but one does not have proper accessories then they won’t be able to get quality streaming. You would need to have some of the best accessories, like the Retrosound radio for your vintage car. It is important for you to stay aware of all the aspects of this technology to get the best end user experience.

There are Datagram protocols that send the media in a series of small streams. It is known to be the most efficient way of sending live signals to the end user. It also depends on the user to use error correction techniques to detect loss of data and recover it. Commercialization of this technology has brought it to wide range of users and real-time stream protocols helps in streaming wide variety of networks over different protocols. The increasing consumer demand for this technology has brought big players like Microsoft and Apple into this field. These companies already have a good market presence around the world and they have been developing innovative frameworks to make live streaming easier for the users. Today you can either stream media on demand or watch it live.

The advancement of technology in sports

tech in sports

There are sports lovers around the world and it is technology that acts as a bond between them. No matter where a match takes place you can watch the match from the comfort of your home. There are innovative cameras being developed today that helps the users have a bird’s eye view of the ground and get a real life field. Technology has taken every sport to a different level by improving the viewer experience. One can also have a look at the matched through their laptops or PCs. You just need to login to the website of the sports channel and there you go.