The innovative technology of Live Streaming TV


The technology behind streaming media has brought tremendous change in the world of television. The way every activity, especially sporting events was displayed to the end user has changed now. One has the option to get live coverage even through their laptops and record the game. The new technology has witnessed greater bandwidth, increased network access, commercialization of internet and use of some standard protocols like TCP/IP.

It is important for the end user to have all the facilities required to get proper streaming done. It depends on both the service provider as well as the tools used by the end user. For example if the radio broadcast is of good quality but one does not have proper accessories then they won’t be able to get quality streaming. You would need to have some of the best accessories, like the Retrosound radio for your vintage car. It is important for you to stay aware of all the aspects of this technology to get the best end user experience.

There are Datagram protocols that send the media in a series of small streams. It is known to be the most efficient way of sending live signals to the end user. It also depends on the user to use error correction techniques to detect loss of data and recover it. Commercialization of this technology has brought it to wide range of users and real-time stream protocols helps in streaming wide variety of networks over different protocols. The increasing consumer demand for this technology has brought big players like Microsoft and Apple into this field. These companies already have a good market presence around the world and they have been developing innovative frameworks to make live streaming easier for the users. Today you can either stream media on demand or watch it live.

Technology helps in promoting sports with ease

american cricket

Today technology is the best way to promote any sport. It has helped us reach new heights and almost all the regions are aware of the sports being played in different parts of the world. Recently cricket was promoted in the US by two of the greatest cricket players around the world. Some of the finest cricketers came up to promote the game and it was broadcasted in almost all the regions of the world. Without technological advancments it would not have been possible to promote it in different regions in US. There are huge countries showing keen interest in this game and playing with different countries around the world.

The advancement of technology in sports

tech in sports

There are sports lovers around the world and it is technology that acts as a bond between them. No matter where a match takes place you can watch the match from the comfort of your home. There are innovative cameras being developed today that helps the users have a bird’s eye view of the ground and get a real life field. Technology has taken every sport to a different level by improving the viewer experience. One can also have a look at the matched through their laptops or PCs. You just need to login to the website of the sports channel and there you go.

Relevance of technology in the industry of sports betting

sports betting

The advancement of latest technologies has created tremendous impact in the sport betting industry over the last few years. Now with the availability of latest technologies, it has become much easier to place bet on any sport from any corner of the world. You don’t have to rely on the services of any local bookie agency while placing bet on your favorite team. With the help of new technologies you can easily obtain the team performance predictions, player performance predictions and certain other information within a short period of time. Previously, sports betting were conducted via phone with the local bookies but now with the emergence of many online betting sites the process has become much simpler. Apart from that, these new technologies can also help you to know in advance how much you gain from these bets and so that you do not suffer considerable financial losses. Technology has made life much easier, just like the Retrosound radios that can be used in the vintage cars.

The introduction of latest technologies has also increased the profit margin of the sport betting industry and this is quite evident when one looks at the annual average revenue of these betting sites. Technology has made it easier for the people to get in touch with the experienced bookie in the market for acquiring valuable inputs while placing bets on any team, player and also on the game scores. Previously, it was not possible because then such bookie would have been considered bias towards some customers. In sports betting there is a chance of financial irregularity, but with the usherance of advanced technologies it has been stalled permanently.

Now users can easily see the betting amounts of every site in advance and then sign up for business transaction. Previously, you have to rely on the amounts as set by the bookie without any chance of verification. But now you can compare the best possible deals and betting amounts of different sports betting sites quite easily. Now you can also place your bet with the help of smartphones and tablets much easily. You can now deal with various types of wagers and bets on using the betting app of Android. It will also help you to place your bet in multiple layers like trebles and doubles. There are also certain other services and benefits that you can enjoy while placing bets with the help of Android based betting site. No doubt, with further improvisation of technology the betting industry will be able to attract more customers in the near future.





NBA New Season Predictions

So who do you think will become champions in June next year? Well, who knows? We have tried to break down what we believe are the top contenders for the trophy here:


San Antonio Spurs

They should be favourites to win this year as well. Not only did they not lose anybody to trades this time around, they also acquired free agent signing of the season, LaMarcus Aldridge. This man is a phenomenal power forward, and it’s no wonder everybody was trying to chase him down for his signature this time around.

Next season, Tim Duncan is going to come back as healthy and as phenomenal as ever, Ginobili will hopefully look young again, and Tony Parker will be back to full form after an injury laden time last year. This wasn’t great and the tough Series 1 lost to the Clippers last year really hurt them, but I have absolutely no doubt this time around that they will be favourites, coming out of the West at least.

Speaking of West, they also managed to convince David West to sign with them for a veteran’s minimum of only 1m. What a pickup.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs will be back, and hopefully stronger, fitter and more dangerous than ever. Despite last final’s heartbreaking loss, it is hoped that this time around LeBron and company will get Cleveland to the Promised Land.

Losing Kyrie and Kevin Love in the finals was tough, and nobody can deny that it would have been a whole different ball game if those two all-stars stayed healthy. Hence it is imperative that this time, the whole gang comes back with a clean bill of health. Kevin Love is already participating in pre-season, and Kyrie will be back stronger and fitter too. This is fantastic news for all you Cavaliers fans!

The only gripe I have with the team today, is the Tristan Thompson situation. Just pay the guy already, am I right?

Golden State Warriors

Let me just state this for the record: I am a HUGE Stephen Curry fan. What that man can do with the basketball is just ridiculous to watch, and he’s already poised to go down as the best shooter of all time. Wow.

This year, the gauntlet just got even harder. Last season, the Warriors got out of the West relatively unscathed. This time around, they’ll have to play the Spurs (most likely), a very tough Clippers team, and probably the Rockets who’d all want revenge on them. And if that wasn’t enough, they’ll probably have to run through Cleveland again in the finals, because I have no doubt that is who that will be winning that matchup – Cleveland, if healthy.

Having said that, I don’t want to be pessimistic when it comes to supporting Golden State though. They have the entire team back this year without losing anybody, and continuity is key to building a fantastic franchise over the years.

Oklahoma City Thunder

What a scary team. Last year, without Kevin Durant, Westbrook went on a tear, terrifying pretty much everyone around the league. This time, when Durant is healthy it gets even scarier. Holy cow.

Despite missing out on the playoffs last year (can’t really blame them all too much, it’s hard to be a one man wrecking crew in today’s game) this year I think they have vastly improved only because of one change – the coach. I was never a fan of OKC’s half-court offense because it was always ‘give Durant or Westbrook the ball and get out of the way’, and I think a proper system will really change things this time.

Houston Rockets

It’s all about the beard, James Harden.

Sorry Dwight, you’re not superman this time around. Harden is. Many people still believe he should have won MVP last year instead of Curry, and it’s honestly hard to argue with that. It’s pretty much going to be on his shoulders again, because they haven’t really improved all that much this summer, and even losing Josh Smith.

So there you have it, those are our top 5 picks to win it all. What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Today in Football

In today’s news: Arsenal. Are they the best team in the Premier League this season? We certainly think they have a strong case.

The game over the weekend broke open in the 3rd minute of injury time, when there was an Everton break. The visitors poured forward to try to break the equaliser though, but the ball went out for a thrown in. This was the most important moment of the game. Despite the fact that Arsenal had the biggest part of the possession and had always great chances to end the game the right way (and finally breathe a sigh of relief), it wasn’t until the final whistle was blown when everybody relaxed.

Everton did not have to face Bayern Munich in midweek – and it was clear that by the last 20 minutes everybody was tired. It took fantastic defending by Gabriel, great saves by Petr Cech that finally made the difference.

To be fair, Arsenal did not play all that well either. Giroud’s opening goal was fantastic, flicking in a header beyond Tim Howard for a 1-0 lead. This was his 6th goal of the season, for someone with fine form it was awesome to see. There was barely time and it’s really still too early to say that these are the things that Arsenal could have dropped points in, but this time they clung on and managed to eke out a fabulous victory.

Mesut Ozil was also in fantastic form – curling assists and crosses in from left to right. There was barely time to celebrate Giroud’s goal, when yet another one was scored. This time it came from Cazorla taking a free kick outside the box, when Koscielny knocked yet another one in incredible fashion. This latest trend of Arsenal scoring, then scoring very quickly after is incredibly enjoyable to watch.

I don’t think anybody would argue that Arsenal deserved the 3 points here today. If there is anything that might win the championship for the team this season, it’s the effort that went into the entire thing.

Next up, we’ll shift our attention to the NBA, and the upcoming 2015-16 season. Stay tuned!


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